A cough has a way of biting you in the butt. It always comes around when you are in the movie house while everyone is quiet due to the current intense scene. You might also be listening to a lecture and people cannot hear what the lecturer just said because you drown out his or her voice by your incessant coughing. Of course, we are all too familiar with that dying feeling paired with bloodshot eyes when trying to hold in a cough. So, if you want to prevent these situations, you need to take the best cough suppressant.

Actually, the use of cough suppressants is still a delicate issue among physicians as studies suggest that it can actually increase mucus production, which will eventually lead you to cough more. However, a lot of people use them because it is a quick fix. One of its effects is that it lessens the chances of coughing episodes; thus, there is less effort in your respiratory muscles. In the process, they do not get sore, and you will not feel a lot of pain from too much coughing.

So, if you have a big speaking engagement coming up, or you just want to stop “barking” in public places, using a cough suppressant might help. The question is, which one should you get? Worry no more because we are here to help by reviewing three cough suppressants to determine which one is perfect for your needs.

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SoundHealth Honey Lemon Cough Drops

We are on the candy spectrum of cough suppressants, and surprisingly, most cough suppressants come in this form. So, do not get carried away in eating these because, practically, they are still medications. For this brand, the active ingredient is 7.5 milligrams of menthol. In line with this ingredient, the product just clearly wants to temporarily relieve a cough and soothe minor irritations in the throat.

The people who can take this are those who are five years old and above. However, for pregnant or breastfeeding women, it is still best to consult a doctor. One pack includes 30 candy drops, and each contains 10 calories. Also, it is gluten-free and kosher. It also comes in cherry and herbal flavors. This is sold in a single bag and packs of nine, 12, and 24.


  • Very cooling to the throat
  • Nice flavor
  • Effects kick in pretty fast
  • Can help clear sinuses a bit
  • Suited for children and adults


  • Does not really help in suppressing your cough
  • Effects do not last long
  • Not as all-natural as the company claims it to be because it still has some questionable inactive artificial ingredients and sweeteners, so diabetics beware

Major Mucus Relief

Here, we have another form of cough suppressant which is in the tablet form. For this, each tightly sealed plastic bottle includes 60 tablets. It is marketed as both a cough suppressant and an expectorant. With that said, it can help facilitate the release of mucus easily as well decrease coughing episodes, which will eventually relieve chest congestions.

The active ingredients are 20 milligrams dextromethorphan hydrogen bromide (cough suppressant) and 400 milligrams of guaifenesin (expectorant). This can be taken by individuals who are 12 years old and above.


  • Actively suppresses coughs
  • Produces more mucus for smoother and less painful expectoration
  • Slightly helps with blocked sinuses
  • Effects last a long time
  • Affordable compared to the leading brand
  • No artificial dyes


  • Difficult to swallow
  • Can cause too much stomach acidity

Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea Cough Suppressant and Throat Drops

Just like the first candy cough drop that we discussed, this one can also help lessen coughing episodes, as well as soothe sore or irritable throats. However, this brand has another purpose, and that is to aid in soothing any throat itchiness caused by certain irritants.

The active ingredient is menthol, and most of the inactive ingredients are extracts from certain flowers and herbs. Each candy has a unique cube shape, which will prevent accidental swallowing. Nineteen candy drops are packed in one bag, and it is sold in bags of three. However, you can also purchase one that contains 24 candy drops. Likewise, there are a number of other flavors to choose from. The people who can take this are those who are six years old and above.


  • Has a pleasant taste
  • Gives a relaxing feeling to the throat
  • Coughs do not occur as much
  • Can help in relieving congested sinuses
  • All-natural
  • Suitable for children and adults


  • Not suited for people who are allergic to Echinacea
  • Effects do not last long
  • Not cost effective due to the limited number of drops in one pack

Best Cough Suppressant: The Conclusion

For us, the best cough suppressant is the Major Mucus Relief. We did not choose it because it is the only one in tablet form, but because of its tried and tested ingredients that work well against coughs and even mucus production. If you are really serious in battling those irritable coughs, you have to take the “medication route.” Definitely, menthol just does not cut it.

If you are going to stick with the two candy cough drops we mentioned earlier, all you will do is to keep on popping those candies in your mouth. This is a waste of product and a waste of money because the effects are temporary. Not to mention, these cough drops also have adverse effects on your teeth and tongue. Nonetheless, they can be used initially before visiting your physician so that you won’t be coughing a lot on your way.

On the other hand, if you use the tablets from Major, you will only take at most two tablets, and you can go about your normal day. With that feature alone, using this product is a good aid for your prescribed cough medicines. Your cough medicines will get rid of the ongoing battle of viruses in your body, while the tablets from Major can help regulate the bad symptoms of a cough. With this combination, you are well on your way to going back to normal, in no time.

Do remember, though, that you should not self-medicate. We are still talking about ingredients that should be prescribed by doctors. Even though they can be bought over the counter and are potentially safe to use for a lot of people, you should still be wary of the possible side effects. So, do your research and consult a doctor, just to be on the safe side.