We all know that painful feeling on our chest and even our abdominal area when we have a terrible case of a cough. More often than not, along with taking our prescribed medications, we also take painkillers to reduce the pain. Little do we know that the best expectorant for bronchitis can be of great help to ease the pain.

A Quick Look at Expectorants

An expectorant is a type of oral medication that is usually prescribed for the common cold, acute bronchitis, and breathing problems. It works in such a way that it thins out the mucus so it will be easier to expel. If you find a good one, relief from congestion is at your fingertips for sure.

So, how does it help with the pain that we mentioned earlier? The pain usually stems from the fact that your body is straining too much as the mucus cannot be expelled. Thus, an expectorant is a big help because your body will not exert too much effort to try and cough out the mucus or phlegm.

Other than that, a good expectorant can also help hasten the process of your healing due to the continuous exit of the mucus from your body. With that, it is really good to know what expectorant to look out for on your down days.

Do take note though that you need to take precautions when self-medicating with expectorants. Most importantly, for people below 12 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms, it is still best to consult a physician.

With all that in mind, below, we are going to review three expectorants. In the end, we will help you decide which one is the best.

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Best Expectorant for Bronchitis: The Top Picks

1. Gericare Mucus Relief

The company advertises this product to be the same as the more popular brand Mucinex. However, they made it clear that the two are not exactly the same.

The active ingredient of this is 400 milligrams of Guaifenesin, while the inactive ingredients include maltodextrin, cellulose, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, povidone, silica, sodium starch glycolate, and croscarmellose sodium. Each bottle contains 100 tablets, and it is sold per bottle as well as in packs of two or three bottles.

It is indicated for helping relieve chest congestion, thin out and loosen mucus, and manage wheezing. The manufacturer recommends that one tablet should be taken every four hours, but you should not exceed six tablets within the 24-hour period.


  • Quick effect
  • Affordable
  • Comparable to Mucinex
  • Active ingredient has been used for years
  • Tightly sealed and properly labeled bottle


  • Hard to swallow
  • Short-term effect
  • Can be chalky

2. Scot-Tussin Expectorant Cough Syrup

As similar to the first product we reviewed, the active ingredient of Scot-Tussin Expectorant Cough Syrup is also Guaifenesin. As the name implies, it comes in liquid form wherein five milliliters contain 100mg of the active ingredient.

This is also formulated to help break up mucus and relieve chest congestion. This is not recommended for individuals with asthma and PKU, but it can be consumed by diabetics as there is no sugar included in its formulation.

This grape-flavored syrup is also free from alcohol, gluten, sodium, and dye. As per its recommended dosage, you should take two teaspoons every four hours, but you should not exceed six dosages within 24 hours. Also, you should take a lot of water to help the cough syrup in thinning out the mucus.

The good thing is that this product also comes with a small plastic cup that has been labeled for you to be able to take accurate doses.


  • Sugar
  • Easy to swallow
  • Gives a soothing feel to the throat
  • Properly labeled and sealed bottle and box
  • Active ingredient has been used for years


  • Takes a long time to take effect
  • Inconsistency in delivering products
  • Does not taste good
  • Contains phenylalanine

3. ProHealth Guaifenesin FA

As its brand name suggests, the active ingredient is also Guaifenesin. It is free from dye, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten, binders, artificial flavors, and salicylate. Its inactive ingredients are hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, purified water, silicon dioxide, and sorbitol.

Each bottle contains 100 capsules, wherein each comprises 400mg of the active ingredient. This can help thin out mucus and other bronchial secretions, as well as make coughs more productive. The recommended dosage is to take a tablet every four hours, but you should not exceed six tablets in 24 hours.


  • Helps relieve chest congestion
  • Free from common allergens
  • Tightly sealed and properly labeled bottle
  • Active ingredient has been used for years


  • Hard to swallow
  • Slow acting,
  • Some tablets are broken
  • Inconsistent packaging quality

The Winner

From the information given above, for us, the best expectorant for bronchitis is the Gericare Mucus Relief. Although it might be mocked for being the dupe for Mucinex, it is still a dead-on dupe which can save you a lot of money in the end.

In a perfect world, the pain and discomfort that you might be feeling can be shut down with just a flick of a finger, but the reality is, you really have to wait for the tablet to take effect. The winning point for the Gericare Mucus Relief is that you do not have to wait for too long.

This advantage, however, is immediately countered by a disadvantage regarding its claimed effect since it is not long lasting. Hence, the pros and cons somehow balance each other out. Surely, it is still a good expectorant because you have to take a look at the dosage: you can take up to six, and we think that six tablets can hold your pain in a day.

Another thing to note is the fact that it can be hard to swallow. For us, it is really a small price to pay for the comfort that you will soon feel. So, a tip for you is that you can crush up the tablet and mix it with water.

Lastly, and probably its most unique feature is its incidental way of helping deal with wheezing. It is the only expectorant in this list that can also help with that. Therefore, we can conclude that Gericare Mucus Relief can help deal with the common symptoms of bronchitis.