The air carried to your lungs passes through the bronchial tubes. When these tubes get inflamed or infected, the condition is called bronchitis. The symptoms are usually similar to cold, such as coughing, difficulty in breathing, and chills. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to fix provided that you have the best products for bronchitis.

While getting treatment, it is equally important to avoid things that worsen your condition and create problems in your breathing. These include dust, smoke, chemical fumes, or anything you are allergic to.

While there are medications for treating bronchitis, you can utilize a number of other safe and natural options. These include herbal supplements, diffusers, and vapor rub. In fact, even aromatherapy is becoming very popular for treating bronchitis. These are especially beneficial for chronic bronchitis.

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Best Products for Bronchitis

We have listed the five best products that can help you get relief from your condition at your home without visiting a doctor. Learn in detail how these products can help you get through bronchitis.

1. Christopher’s Lung and Bronchial Formula Capsules

The first product on our list is from Dr. John R. Christopher, a renowned U.S.-based herbalist and founder of Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing and Wholistic Botanicals, LLC. He is well-recognized for his high-quality herbal products, including the Lung and Bronchial Formula capsules for treating bronchitis.

The company Christopher’s Original Formulas by Wholistic Botnaicals, LLC uses Dr. Christopher’s formulas to manufacture many herbal medications including this one, which provides instant relief to those with bronchitis.


Here are the product features:

  • Ingredients

The Lung and Bronchial Formula Capsules by Christopher’s are made from natural resources. It is a blend of herbs that are expertly combined to improve respiratory function. The main ingredients include mullein leaf, marshmallow root, lungwort herb, lobelia herb, chickweed herb, and pleurisy root.

This formula does not contain any allergens, which means that most people can take it. You will also be glad to know that all the ingredients are completely organic and derived from plant sources.

  • How It Works

The formula is designed to replenish the lungs and improve breathing for those suffering from bronchitis. It strengthens the lungs and makes it easier for the body to breath, thus reducing the risk of respiratory issues like bronchitis.

  • How to Use

The packet contains 100 capsules, which equal to 50 servings. According to the instructions, you can take two capsules per serving, which amounts to 850 mg. The label suggests three servings daily or as per your physician’s directions.

These capsules claim to have helped patients with chronic congestion and even those having respiratory issues due to lung cancer. It can be combined with other medication, but one should consult their physician before doing so. The product is manufactured in the U.S. and is also available in Extract & Powder form.


  • Made from safe and organic ingredients
  • Contains no chemicals or fillers
  • Effectively helps relieve congestion and shortness of breath
  • Affordable herbal medication


  • Does not taste good

2. MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler for Sinus Relief

The MABIS personal steam inhaler is a great product for bronchitis. MABIS is a U.S.-based brand that is well-known for its high-quality healthcare and medical devices. Their latest steam inhaler is designed not only to help treat bronchitis, but it can also be used to get relief from the cold, flu, sinusitis, asthma, cough, sore throat, and other respiratory ailments.


Here are some more details about the product:

  • Inhaler Design

The electric steam inhaler features an adjustable filter for steam control. Made of plastic, the aromatherapy tank in the inhaler lets you add different scents for the aromatherapy. You can adjust the amount of steam as well, which makes it suitable for the kids.

The device also contains a flexible mask, extendable tube, measuring cup, drain tank, and aromatherapy tank. The power cord is quite long, measuring in at five feet. Even though it is an electric steamer, it is super quiet with almost no noise.

It is small, sleek, and therefore, does not take too much space. It weighs only four pounds with overall dimensions of four by nine by 10 inches. You can place it on your nightstand and use it whenever the need arises.

The internal water heater tank capacity is 25 ml, while the capacity of the aromatherapy tank is 60 ml. This is more than enough for up to nine minutes of therapy sessions.

  • How It Works

It basically lubricates the respiratory tract and allows you to breathe normally. You can adjust the particle size according to your symptoms. The indicator light on the inhaler lets you know when it is on.

It is super easy to use, and it does come with a manual that has instructions in both English and Spanish. On top of all that, the product is backed by a limited one-year warranty. The product also comes with a latex-free mask, an extension tube, and a measuring cup (25 ml).


  • Small and portable
  • Also works for aromatherapy
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacks temperature control
  • Since it is small, steam does not last for long

3. Plant Guru Respiratory Essential Oil Set

This respiratory essential oil set is yet another natural solution and one of the best products for bronchitis. The Plant Guru is also a U.S.-based brand known for its range of more than 100 essential oils, which are all derived from natural sources.

Their latest product is a six-piece set of essential oils, which is designed to help treat respiratory problems like bronchitis, cough, flu, cold, and chest congestion.


Here are some more details about this six-piece set:

  • Ingredients

The set of essential oils include Tea Tree, Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Breathe Blend, and Lemon. These are high-quality essentials oils that are proven to help improve breathing conditions. There are no harmful chemicals or bases in the extract.

Each essential oil has its own set of benefits to help you:

1. Peppermint: It is known for fighting the common cold, cough, allergies, and asthma. It also helps relieve stress and clears your respiratory tract.

2. Rosemary oil: This oil can be used in aromatherapy.

3. Eucalyptus: It contains an active ingredient called cineole, which has decongestant and expectorant properties.

4. Tea tree: With its antiseptic properties, tea tree oil fights infections in your body.

5. Lemon: This oil is an all-rounder oil that is not only a disinfectant but also has anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Breath Blend: It is a blend of other ingredients that is designed to improve the capacity of your lungs to breathe.

  • Packing

The set contains six bottles, and each bottle contains 10 ml of essential oil. They come in light plastic bottles with airtight caps. In total, the package weighs only eight ounces.

  • How to Use

To use these essential oils, you should use a carrier to dilute them. However, some may be used without a carrier. You can also use them with a diffuser. When you do this, there should be nothing left in the end, which is a sign of pure essential oil.

All these oils have a pleasant but not-that-strong aroma, which makes them perfect for respiratory conditions. Plant Guru is known for producing herbal products that work. They source the ingredients from organic and ethical sources. As a result, they give a 100% purity guarantee.

What’s more is that there is a 90-day return policy for virtually all of their products. If, for any reason you feel unsatisfied, then you should get your money back. Speaking of money, this essential oil pack of six is also very affordable.


  • Amazing aroma
  • Natural ingredients
  • Great value for money
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Strict quality control


  • The package does not include a dropper

4. Vicks Mini Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Next one on our list of the best products for bronchitis is from Vicks, a century-old, U.S.-based brand that is well-recognized all over the world for its high-quality healthcare products.


The Vicks Mini Humidifier is a small, filter-free humidifier that is used to help improve the air quality in the room, thus promotes good breathing. It can be used with Vicks VapoPads. Usually, humidifiers need filter replacement, but this one eliminates the need. This makes it unique and superior to other similar products. It can easily be used for a big bedroom for kids or adults.

  • How It Works

This humidifier works effortlessly as it features a dial that lets you control the amount of mist that comes out. The tank opening is large enough to clean it without needing a special brush. It also features an auto-shut system that stops it once the tank is empty. The machine weighs just 2.95 pounds, which is not much for a humidifier of this size.

The humidifier has a half-gallon tank. In one go, it can produce mist for about 20 hours. You can reach this time on the lowest setting. The tank will empty sooner if you use it at the highest setting.

  • Best Technology

Compared to other humidifiers, this one comes with the latest technology. It does not create any noise, thanks to its ultrasonic technology. Since it is very small, you can keep it anywhere in your room.

  • How to Use

You can use this product for quick yet temporary relief from severe coughing and congestion. In fact, for those who suffer from chronic bronchitis, this may be essential for a good night’s sleep.

With every purchase, you get a sample of Vicks VapoPad with the humidifier. It can easily help keep the humidity level at 40% to 60% in your room, which will help make breathing easier. It is backed by a limited three-year warranty. In order to ensure proper functioning, it requires cleaning after a week’s use.


  • Quiet humidifier
  • Small and inconspicuous
  • Long warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • No residue


  • Prone to mildew

5. Banyan Botanicals Lung Formula

The last product on our list is also from one of the well-known brands that produce herbal products. The Banyan Botanicals is also a U.S.-based brand that is recognized for its USDA-certified organic, herbal, and Ayurvedic products.

This product comes from a trusted brand that specializes in Ayurvedic herbs. With over two decades of experience, the company has come up with many formulas made from herbs to fight conditions like bronchitis.


  • Ingredients

The herbal ingredients used include vasaka, licorice, and tulsi. Other ingredients include cane sugar, long pepper fruit, elecampane root, amla fruit, belleric myrobalan fruit, chebulic myrobalan fruit, cinnamon, and cardamom seed.

All of the Banyan Botanicals products are heavily tested and improved over the years. You can rest assured that this herbal formula is free of anything harmful or allergic. The bottle contains 90 tablets that make 45 servings (two tablets per serving).

You can take one or two tablets once or twice daily. However, if you are suffering from diabetes, it is better to consult your physician first. Each tablet equals to 500 mg. It is 100% gluten-free and vegetarian.

  • How It Works

This formula helps provide a rich supply of oxygen to the lungs, which, in turn, improves breathing and relieves you of any congestion. It also helps in the proper dilation of the bronchial tubes. In fact, it is kind of like a dietary supplement for those with chronic bronchitis. Aside from that, it can also help fight other breathing symptoms.

The Lung Formula from Banyan Botanicals uses Ayurvedic herbs. It is designed to help improve the immune system, nourish the lungs, and clear respiratory tract in order to treat medical conditions like bronchitis.


  • Natural herbal ingredients
  • Completely safe
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Great for replenishing the lungs


  • Contains sugars
  • Not for pregnant or nursing women

Final Words

Bronchitis is a common medical condition affecting millions, especially during the winter season. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions available that can help you treat your condition at home, provided you have access to the best products for bronchitis.

All of the products listed in our article can help treat bronchitis, but all follow a different mechanism and offers you a different treatment method. In fact, this allows you to use multiple options at once to treat your bronchitis.

For example, you can use the humidifier from Vicks to help promote a good night’s sleep while also taking the Lung and Bronchial Formula capsules by Christopher’s. Similarly, you can combine the use of essential oils from Plant Guru with the steam inhaler.

All of the products offer you natural treatments and can help you get rid of bronchitis and other respiratory issues without visiting a doctor. However, it all depends on your lifestyle and what type of treatment suits you well.