It is important to be mindful of what you eat if you have bronchitis. You can alleviate some of the major symptoms such as coughing; a sore throat and a runny nose simply by maintain a healthy diet. There are a number of bronchitis diets that you can try out. You can still enjoy your food and at the same time eat healthily.

It is essential to ensure that you eat food that will boost your immune system and defend you against any form of inflammation that you may be experiencing from your clogged airways. You can overcome bronchitis by maintaining a healthy diet.

Maintaining a healthy diet also means keep the recurrence of bronchitis at bay.  Acute bronchitis is mostly a secondary infection; the bacteria will attack you when your immune system has already been weakened by the flu or cold virus. This results in persistent coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Prompt treatment is required so that the condition does not aggravate to pneumonia.

Chronic bronchitis – Importance of a good diet

Chronic bronchitis recurs mostly yearly especially if the symptoms are experienced almost every other day. This results in repeated coughing accompanied by phlegm.

Experimenting with different foods is recommended if you have chronic bronchitis to see what diet does what to which symptom. Keep a record of how you feel after eating a certain diet so that you are able to identify which foods work best for you.

Eating a healthy diet will toughen your body’s natural resistance. Take plenty of Zinc, & Vitamins A and C. Leeks, carrots, cantaloupe melon, spring onions, and spinach are rich in beta carotene (which is the plant form of Vitamin A) and are known to be very good for the lungs. Drink fresh juices often; such as a combination of spinach, beetroot and carrot juice will boost your immune system.

Bronchitis diet

The right type of food and drink will boost your immune system and help cure bronchitis. All the medicine you need is hidden in the God-given natural plants.

Here are a few pointers to help fight the bronchitis.

Drink Water & Eat Spicy Foods

Drink a lot of water (at least eight glasses every day) while avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol. This is because these drinks dehydrate your body and make it hard to dislodge the mucus. Drinking a lot of water will help in thinning the mucus and you will be able to cough it out more easily.

Eat dishes that are prepared with cayenne pepper, hot chilies or hot spicy salsa. Yes, your nose will run but the mucus in your lungs will be thinned meaning that you will be able to cough more easily.

Another way to clear the mucus in your lungs is to drink mullein tea. Mullein tea contains saponins which aid in loosening phlegm and the glutinous mucilage, soothing the raw mucous membrane.

Preparing Mullein tea

a)    Put water on heat and let it boil

b)    Remove water from the heat and pour in a cup

c)    Add two teaspoonfuls of dried mullein leaves or extract

d)    Leave the tea to steep for ten minutes

e)    Strain the wet leaves

f)     Drink and enjoy the tea. You may drink three cups in one day.

Stay away from milk products as the milk contains lactalbumin which kindles the production of mucus in the intestines and in the lower and upper respiratory tract.

Breathe In Steam

You can simply do this by taking a hot shower or better still pouring hot water in a bowl and leaning over it while draping a towel over your head. As you inhale the steam, the secretions in your lungs will be loosened.

You can make the steam more effective by adding a few drops of pine oil or eucalyptus to the water. Eucalyptus helps soften mucus that is in the obstructed airways and it also contains certain antibacterial properties. You can also boil eucalyptus leaves in a pot of water and inhale the steam. Pine oil helps remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes by acting as an expectorant.

Before you sleep moisten the air in your bedroom by running a humidifier. Ensure that you use a clean humidifier to avoid the accumulation of molds and bacteria in it which can worsen bronchitis infections.

Using Supplements

To have your health back and boost the immune system, you can use supplements. NAC or N-acetyl cysteine which is a form of an amino acid aids in thinning and loosening mucus. 1 600 gram dose, 3 times a day between meals will do you a lot of good.

Astragalus and Echinacea are herbs that help build your immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria. Take 500 milligrams of either of the herbs 4 times a day if you have acute bronchitis and two times a day if you have chronic bronchitis.

R-lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant nutrient which is key in repairing inflamed airways. It counters the effects of harmful molecules (radicals) which can damage cells. 100 milligrams of R-lipoic acid, 3 times a day with meals will help your cells.

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Taking proper care of yourself

Do not smoke: In order to prevent chronic bronchitis, do not smoke and if you do, get help to quit. Wear appropriate mask or respirator if your job environment exposes you to pollutants, fumes or dust.

Ensure that you wash your hands frequently if you are around someone who has a cold. You may also use a sinus cleaning product to prevent infectious agents and allergens from getting to your lungs.

Taking proper care of yourself can go a long way in preventing disease such as bronchitis. Stick to eating natural produce and exercising regularly to keep your body healthy and functioning.

It is important that you always eat a balanced diet so that your body can get all the nutrients it needs. This will result in you having enough energy, boosting our immune system and having enough antibodies to fight off bugs. With a healthy natural diet, it is easy to cure bronchitis.

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