Bronchitis is a condition that could affect people of any age. Many people are asking “do I have bronchitis?” Symptoms of bronchitis are easy to point out, and those individuals who are suffering from this condition are usually tobacco smokers. Bronchitis is generally a breathing problem that may worsen if not treated immediately.

People who have a poor immune system and other respiratory complications are prone to having bronchitis. If you have acute bronchitis inflammation and you smoke, your condition can lead to chronic bronchitis which will take three months to two years to cure. Some causes of this illness also include inhalation of dust particles, pollen, chemical compounds and air pollution.

Acute bronchitis can be easily treated if detected at an early stage. If this condition is caused by bacteria or virus infection, the sickness can be cured by home remedies like drinking lots of water, taking some rest, and exercising regularly. In case acute bronchitis indicators worse, it is very important to consult a general physician or a pulmonologist.

Chronic bronchitis, on the other hand, should not be taken lightly because this type of infectious disease needs long-term therapy. It is best not to stop the treatments that were prescribed by your doctor even if your condition gets better because stopping the treatment prematurely may cause the illness to come back.

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How to Prevent or Cure Bronchitis

  • Avoid inhaling paint and solvent fumes.
  • Quit tobacco smoking immediately.
  • Avoid inhaling construction debris particles and dust.
  • Refrain from going to places with severe air pollution.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks.
  • Stay away from environments where you can breathe second-hand smoke.
  • Avoid places with low humidity.

Common Symptoms That You Should Know About

Some of the symptoms of bronchitis are coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, chills, body ache, blocked sinuses, chest pain, weakness with headaches, throat discomfort, and mucus build up. If you have a combination of these symptoms followed by nausea, vomiting, constant perspiring and high fever, you should seek medical help immediately.

Acute bronchitis usually starts as a sinus infection with a sore throat; having a dry cough for a long time maybe a sign of this illness. Acute bronchitis is usually caused by viruses that are responsible for the common cold or flu. However, chronic bronchitis is generally caused by long-term tobacco smoking or inhalation of secondhand smoke.

Bronchitis is a condition wherein the bronchial tubes get inflamed. These tubes are airways leading to the lungs, and when it thickens when inflamed blocking the air to the lungs of the sufferer, it can result in long-term respiratory tract problems.

Natural Home Remedies to Fight Bronchial Tubes Inflammation

There are some effective natural remedies that you can do at home which can help treat bronchitis. You do not have to spend a lot of money to do these alternative treatments, most of the ingredients can actually be found at home.

Having a high content fatty acid diet can be helpful in boosting your immune system, and it can be obtained from Omega 3 and 6 rich foods. Smoking is a habit that you should stop if you want to improve your general health. It is also advisable that you stay away from environments where you can inhale secondhand smoke since it is equally hazardous with tobacco smoking.

Drinking herbal teas can help soothe a sore throat and reduce inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Using humidifiers can also be a big help since it can break down the mucus in your sinus passages allowing you to breathe easier.

Adding eucalyptus oil to your humidifier or respiratory steam diffuser also helps relax the muscles and relieves nervous exhaustion that is associated with bronchitis. Drinking citrus fruit juices will help strengthen your body because they are rich in vitamin C. You can also take supplements to have a substantial supply of essential vitamins and minerals.

Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks because it can worsen your condition.

Taking garlic supplements and drinking ginger tea can be very good for all types of respiratory tract diseases. If you like eating spicy foods, add some red pepper to your meal to help clear your nasal passages. Sipping chicken soup will also have the same effect. These home remedies can be helpful but do not forget to contact your physician if bronchitis worsens.

Do Not Panic and Know Your Symptoms

Did you know that the infection can travel deeper to your respiratory system if bronchitis is left untreated? It can also develop into pneumonia which can cause serious health problems. Additionally, people who are suffering from severe allergies have a higher chance of acquiring respiratory infections. The allergens will not cause bronchitis directly but it can increase mucus production that will make your condition even worse.

If you are asking yourself, do I have bronchitis? Observe your symptoms, drink plenty of fluids, and get sufficient rest to boost your immune system. If your cough persists for more than three weeks, you should consult a doctor to avoid having more breathing complications since alternative medicines for this condition are limited.

Doctors will probably prescribe antibiotics that you should take as instructed. You will also have to take physical examinations such as x-rays for the doctors to have a proper diagnosis of your condition. There are also several vaccinations that are available to help minimize the risk of developing respiratory disease in children and adults.

Moreover, being immunized against flu and pneumonia will reduce your chances of having bronchitis and other serious respiratory infections. Listen to your doctor and follow his instructions to relieve your condition at the fastest possible time. Live healthier and do some lifestyle changes to avoid certain illnesses including bronchitis.

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