While it isn’t a fatal disease by any means, bronchitis is still an extremely annoying, difficult, and painful illness to deal with. In terms of a timeframe for when the disease will go away, it varies drastically depending on the health and other factors of the person who has it and type of bronchitis they have.

For instance, a healthy and/or younger person will typically have a shorter recovery time than someone who isn’t, especially if they are not a smoker.

For acute bronchitis, most cases will generally last anywhere from three to ten days. However, there are instances of this form of bronchitis lasting upwards of three weeks, but usually no longer than that. The cough that goes along with bronchitis, however, can last weeks after the actual disease itself subsides.

If all of the symptoms last longer than a month to six weeks, you might have chronic bronchitis, which carries a much longer timeframe of recovery, often lasting around 3 months on end.

Assuming you are diagnosed with acute bronchitis, your doctor will likely not prescribe any medication and instead refer you to various home remedies used to ease the effects of the disease until it subsides. The timeframe will generally be the same regardless of remedies are used to treat the disease, assuming it is indeed acute bronchitis and not something more serious.

Again, if your symptoms get worse, it’s paramount that you immediately seek out professional medical assistance before doing anything else.

Chronic bronchitis is much more severe and lasts months at a time. Usually the symptoms last for at least three months out of the year, and it happens for at least two years in a row. If you’re a regular smoker, the best way to shorten the timeframe of bronchitis recovery is to quit.

In addition to the various health problems associated with smoking, it can also be a major factor in causing chronic bronchitis because of the damage it inflicts upon the lungs. Additionally, your doctor might give you the news that you might not ever be cured of chronic bronchitis.

This actually does happen, and some people have to live with the illnesses for the rest of their lives. When chronic bronchitis shows up and goes away, doctors refer to this as “flaring and subsiding”.

If you suspect that you have bronchitis and decide to treat it on your own, it is important to make sure that if your symptoms do not go away within no more than 3 weeks you go seek out treatment. You could have chronic bronchitis, but there is also the potential for pneumonia, which is undoubtedly the worst-case scenario next to the heart damage that can potentially be caused by unchecked symptoms of bronchitis.

This is why getting bronchitis recognized and treated immediately before it evolves into something worse.

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In any case, fighting bronchitis can be made shorter and less miserable by making conscious efforts to improve your overall health and well-being. Staying active, healthy, and smoke-free are ways to shorten the bronchitis infection timeframe.

While the timeframe of bronchitis itself might vary, it is generally always the case that acute bronchitis will last about a week or so, but never more than three weeks. Chronic bronchitis, however, can last months on end each year and may never officially go away completely. If you do have chronic bronchitis, it is important to change your lifestyle for the better and help reduce the negative effects and symptoms.

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