Bronchitis, although not technically curable, is extremely treatable and shouldn’t be seen as a life-threatening illness. Obviously the first thing you should do if you think you’ve acquired the illness is to seek medical attention.

Whether the medical attention be professional conducted at a doctor’s office or hospital, or using various home remedies, there are a vast amount of different ways you can go about fighting this atrocious illness.

That being said, if your symptoms are bad enough to the point of affecting your quality of living, or if they get progressively worse over time, it is best to immediately go the doctor or ER, as bronchitis does have the potential to create other problems beyond the normal symptoms if left untreated long enough. However, if you have bronchitis, we recommend Dylan George’s home remedy system designed to cure bronchitis.RELEIVE BRONCHITIS NATURALLYMr. George’s 100% natural, easy, and painless method is one of the only guaranteed ways to cure bronchitis, and although it’s not medically endorsed, over 34,000 people in the world have used this method to rid themselves of this awful illness. Check out the Bronchitis Home Remedy.

There are different forms of bronchitis, and some remedies or medications will work better than others depending on what type you have (i.e. acute vs. chronic, asthmatic, etc.). However, if you have chronic bronchitis or are a smoker, there’s probably no simple home remedy to help you.

You’ll need to refrain from smoking so that your airways can clear up and the substances associated with smoking are no longer present. You can go about it through easing forms like a nicotine patches, or you can outright quit cold turkey.

Bronchitis will go away on its own, but easing the symptoms will make the overall process much easier and help you retain as much of your standard quality of living as possible.

If you discover that you have bronchitis and catch it in its early stages, home remedies are a great way to soothe your symptoms until the illness subsides. Some of the most effective home remedies are herb-based and involve the application and intake of various oils or through their application in conjunction with boiling water.

Some of these examples include lavender, eucalyptus, olive leaf, thyme, and many others. When it comes to using oil-based home remedies, the best practices usually include rubbing the oil on the throat and chest. This helps ease mucus blockage in the lungs and throat, which can help improve a sore throat, minor breathing issues, and excessive coughing.

Plant-based remedies generally involve their application in boiling water. Things like tea tree leaves, olive leaves, bay leaves, thyme, and many more have wonderful properties that can do incredible things for fighting bronchitis.

For some plant-based remedies, you will generally either make the leaves into a drink (i.e. tea or mixed with water) or you’ll boil them and inhale the steam they emit. You’ll need to do some research to determine the best method of intake depending on what type of leaf or plant you’ll be using. After all, drinking tea tree leaves probably wouldn’t be the most effective or pleasant experience.

The other option — and often the first thing people do regarding treatment — is to seek out medical professional help. This could be a doctor’s visit or a trip to the ER.

Home Remedies for Bronchitis

Generally speaking, bronchitis isn’t something that requires immediate medical attention because it usually isn’t a medical emergency, but if your symptoms are most severe and include things like chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever. or blood emission from coughing, you must go to the ER.

While these can be symptoms of bronchitis — usually chronic bronchitis — they can be symptoms of much more dangerous illnesses like a heart attack, heart disease or other heart problems, lung cancer, and many others.

Most instances of bronchitis are viral, so the medical forms of treatment usually include drugs that help relieve the symptoms instead of curing them, which is obviously impossible when dealing with a viral infection. In many cases, the doctor will forgo a prescription altogether and recommend various home remedies.

If a medication is prescribed, it will usually be in the form of an oral steroid. It should be noted that it’s advised to stay away from any over-the-counter medication that acts as a cough suppressant; coughing helps remove the mucus build-up that causes some of the worst symptoms of bronchitis.

As a result, doctors might actually prescribe an expectorant medication to encourage coughing, although this is fairly uncommon unless you’re suffering from chronic bronchitis.

Whether it be acute or chronic, bronchitis is extremely treatable and it’s fairly easy to go about doing so. If your symptoms are relatively minor and include things like light coughing, mild chest discomfort, or sore throat, using a home remedy will be your best bet in terms of treatment.

Hospitals and doctors can be expensive, so treating yourself with everyday items and natural herbs is both effective and wallet-friendly.  As previously mentioned, if you do have bronchitis, I’d recommend immediately checking Dylan George’s method to completely get covered before you do anything else.

Mr. George’s method is one of the only guaranteed ways to cure bronchitis, and although it’s not medically endorsed, over 34,000 people in the world have used this method to rid themselves of this awful illness.