First of all, the only way to know for sure if you have a specific disease is to consult with a professionally-trained medical doctor and get diagnosed after careful evaluation. Bronchitis is a respiratory disease that occurs when the mucus membrane — the lining of the lungs — becomes inflamed and irritated.

As the membranes become inflamed and swell, they narrow the bronchial tubes and cause the common symptoms of bronchitis that include coughing, phlegm build-up, and more that cause difficulty to breath normally. Bronchitis takes on several different forms. It can be acute or chronic, and viral or bacterial.

That being said, most cases of bronchitis are a viral infection. While there are no known medically-endorsed cures for bronchitis, Mr. Dylan George has developed a home remedy system that is 100% guaranteed to eradicate bronchitis completely.

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How might you suspect that you’ve developed bronchitis? The most common signs and symptoms of bronchitis are cough, excess mucus, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, and a slight fever may also be present. The color of the mucus might vary between clear, green, yellowish-gray/brown, and white.

It might — although this rarely occurs — have traces of blood. If you’ve been coughing much more than usual, it is possible to cause bleeding because of the constant trauma and strain on the throat and lungs.

Additionally, if you have developed a cold or have had the flu and the symptoms haven’t gone away in over a week, there is a possibility that you have developed bronchitis. This is because both the common cold and the flu can negatively impact the respiratory system and, if left untreated, develop into a case of bronchitis.

This is also the reason why most cases of bronchitis are viral and not bacterial. Again, your doctor will be able to determine whether or not you have bronchitis by careful and thorough testing. In most cases, they can immediately tell whether or not someone has bronchitis because there will be vibrations in your lungs when listened to through a stethoscope.

For acute bronchitis, most cases will generally last anywhere from three to ten days. However, there are instances of this form of bronchitis lasting upwards of three weeks, but usually no longer than that. The cough that goes along with bronchitis, however, can last weeks after the actual disease itself subsides.

If all of the symptoms last longer than a month to six weeks, you might have chronic bronchitis, which carries a much longer timeframe of recovery, often lasting around 3 months on end.

Assuming you are diagnosed with acute bronchitis, your doctor will likely not prescribe any medication and instead refer you to various home remedies used to ease the effects of the disease until it subsides. The timeframe will generally be the same regardless of remedies are used to treat the disease, assuming it is indeed acute bronchitis and not something more serious. Again, if your symptoms get worse, it’s paramount that you immediately seek out professional medical assistance before doing anything else.

Chronic bronchitis is much more severe and lasts months at a time. Usually the symptoms last for at least three months out of the year, and it happens for at least two years in a row. If you’re a regular smoker, the best way to shorten the timeframe of bronchitis recovery is to quit.

In addition to the various health problems associated with smoking, it can also be a major factor in causing chronic bronchitis because of the damage it inflicts upon the lungs. Additionally, your doctor might give you the news that you might not ever be cured of chronic bronchitis.

This actually does happen, and some people have to live with the illnesses for the rest of their lives. When chronic bronchitis shows up and goes away, doctors refer to this as “flaring and subsiding”.

If you are diagnosed with bronchitis, be sure to check out Dylan George’s completely natural, easy to use, and effective home remedy system to eradicate the disease before it evolves into something more serious. Again, it’s 100% natural, effective, and also offers a complete refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

As you can see, there are a few ways to determine whether or not you have bronchitis. However, the only one-hundred percent effective way of knowing is to visit your doctor. If you can’t afford one and have mild symptoms lasting between 1 to 3 weeks, it’s probably acute bronchitis.

If it lasts months on end, it’s probably chronic bronchitis. Again, it could be something way worse like heart or lung disease, so don’t just assume you know what you have based on what you’ve read online.