Among the countless essential oils available on the market today, sandalwood oil is often referred to as the all-around oil. Some people even say that you only need this oil to make up for the other essential oils. Is there any truth to this? What makes sandalwood oil special?

These and more might be answered by our review of the KIUNO Sandalwood Essential Oil. We will focus on discussing its features as well as listing its major highlights and minor setbacks. Additionally, we’re going to compare it to a similar product for us to know how it fares against the competition.

Will this product fuel your obsession with sandalwood oil? Or will it leave you with just a meh? Read on to find out.

KIUNO Sandalwood Essential Oil


The packaging of this essential oil is just like any other essential oils, which is a brown, 10ml glass bottle paired with a protective outer-covering layer. Meaning, its cover has a stopper in between the outer surface and the inside of the bottle so that you can control its use and protect it from any contaminants.

Additionally, as with the other products of the company, they did not curate its design based on the essential oil but based on its default marketing color. With regards to its content, it is made of pure oil; hence, it has a therapeutic grade.

Since it is in its pure form, it can be used alone or can be mixed or diluted with a carrier oil, giving you the possibility of using it as a topical or tincture oil, as well as can be placed in a diffuser. It is said that this essential oil can promote stress relief, calmness, and clarity.

This oil can also help enhance memory, and its characteristic smell can help increase libido. At the same time, this can also be utilized as an astringent or disinfectant due to its antiseptic, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.

This essential oil is also claimed to help individuals who have endometriosis and muscle spasms. Similarly, this helps relieve chest congestion due to coughs since it can promote the release of phlegm or mucus.


  • Easy to use and store
  • Potent
  • Smells good
  • Multipurpose
  • Several ways to use
  • Not irritating
  • A bottle can last a long time


  • Breakable
  • No dropper
  • Inconsistent volume
  • Has a strong scent which lingers for a long time


The KIUNO Sandalwood Essential Oil is a product that does not contain any other ingredients except sandalwood oil. This gives the user a lot of options on how to use it, either pure or mixed.

Not only does it provide you with an environment where you can relax and take a breather, but it also can help in treating some common ailments like acne, scratches, irritation, and even muscle spasms. You really cannot ingest this, but in a way, it can help with congestion via aromatherapy as it can help your airways relax.

On another note, just like any other essential oils, the packaging can be prone to breaking. With this in mind, you really have to be mindful of how you handle the bottle as well as the place where you will store it. Nonetheless, the bottle ensures that the oil is protected from light, which is known to affect its potency.

Comparison with the Aviano Botanicals Sandalwood Oil

The Aviano Botanicals Sandalwood Oil and the KIUNO Sandalwood Essential Oil are different in terms of packaging and even in their effects. Before we discuss that, we also want you to take note that both products claim to be made of 100% pure sandalwood oil. So how is it possible that they perform differently?

The answer lies on how the sandalwood oil was extracted. There must have been a process that took away something from the organic properties of the oil, which made it react differently. With that said, we are not saying that the claim of the Aviano Botanicals Sandalwood Oil of being pure is false.

In line with that, the formulation also somehow changed the smell of the oil. Fans of sandalwood can immediately recognize that it has a different smell from what they are used to. Besides that, the one from Aviano Botanicals is a hit or miss when it comes to diffusers, and there are also reported cases of allergic reactions when it came in contact with the skin.

These statements clearly make the KIUNO Sandalwood Essential Oil better. It has the right smell, the proper consistency, and most importantly, it showcases what sandalwood oil can do. More than that, it also works well with a diffuser, so you need not worry about adjusting your water or light.

You can say that besides the sandalwood oil giving you clarity of mind, choosing the one from KIUNO has the same effect because you are sure that everytime you take out a drop of it, you can enjoy the many uses of the sandalwood oil. Unlike the one from Aviano Botanicals, which is an outright hit or miss, but mostly misses.


The KIUNO Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the best therapeutic grade sandalwood oil in the market. We only say that it is one of the best as it still has its fair share of flaws, but do take note that the flaws do not cast a shadow on the many advantages of this product. Technically speaking, the cons are almost all about logistics.

Thus, if the company can just adjust a bit regarding with their packaging, it would have been perfect. On a brighter note, this product really showcases the possibilities of sandalwood oil. Some may say that the effects are only psychological, but the fact of the matter is, this product is great for aromatherapy, which is actually its intended purpose.

Lastly, do remember to take precautions when you apply this to the skin. To be safe, you can do a patch test to know if you’re hypersensitive to its ingredients, and of course, as tempting as the smell can be, never ingest this oil.