For healthy living, the respiratory system is just as important as your brain or heart. If there is anything wrong with it, your whole body can feel the effect. That is because breathing issues will not only take a toll on your physical health but also on your mental health. People with asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and allergies are those who suffer from breathing problems quite often that is why they require maintenance medications.

What is Aromatherapy?

Besides medications, there are natural ways to help combat these issues and provide relief to your respiratory system. One of the most effective natural remedies, according to alternative medicine practitioners, is aromatherapy. This involves inhaling vapor from essential oils with ingredients that are said to fight the problem in two ways. First, they clear up the airways and get rid of inflammation. Second, the antibacterial and antifungal properties fight off the germs and prevent any disease symptoms.

Many essential oils are used in aromatherapy. Such include, but is not limited to, lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, Ravensara, and peppermint. Most of the time, they are sold in a set wherein it contains several bottles. Each bottle will have a corresponding ingredient that you need to pair with other plain essential oils to come up with a mixture that can target a specific health condition.

If you are interested in aromatherapy or if you need an essential oil, then, this will be a good read for you. That is because we have reviewed an essential oil that is quite popular for aromatherapy so that people like you who are looking for such products can find out what it contains and how it can help you.

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Natural Riches Respiratory Essential Oil Blend

The Breathe Synergy Blend from Natural Riches is a 100% pure essential oil that comes from ingredients that can target respiratory issues. Specifically, it is made from extracts of tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, pine needle, cardamom, laurel leaf, and peppermint. This blend is said to be highly anti-allergic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. Likewise, the content is GCMS tested to ensure that everything is truly high-quality. Each amber bottle contains 30 ml of the blend.

It has a very soothing effect on the airways as you inhale the vapors and there is no drowsiness or irritation since it has a spicy and warm scent. Being a concentrated product, you can add two to three drops into a tank of humidifier that has the right amount of distilled or purified water. As such, you and every person in the room can enjoy the benefits. Also, you can dilute it in carrier oils to make a product that you can apply topically to help relieve pain like a headache, stomachache, and the likes, as well as to help smoothen your skin.Pros:

  • It contains no fillers and is non-synthetic ingredients.
  • It is free from GMO.
  • This product can be used for a long period of time since you only need drops.
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Free from spillage as it has its own dropper
  • The product’s quality can be maintained as the bottle can protect it from light.
  • This essential oil product comes with a money-back guarantee offer.


  • The seal is not strong enough.

A Better Understanding of the Product

The Breathe Synergy Blend from Natural Riches is a pure blend of different essential oils that have been known by traditional medicine practitioners to have remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties. When blended in water and exposed to heat, the vapor can help relax your breathing instantly. As a result, you can feel better in a matter of minutes. You can also choose to use it as a topical product by diluting it with coconut, grapeseed, and other forms of vegetable oil.

Preparing such dilutions as well as placing oil in your diffuser will not be much of a hassle since this product already comes with a dropper that is attached to its cover. This 30-ml natural oil blend is easy on the nose and airways that is why even children can enjoy it. Although this is just a small bottle, expect that you can use it for months. You just have to make sure that you seal the cover properly to prevent spillage and contamination since the seal is not that quality enough.

How it Fares Against Another Product

Definitely, you can find a lot of different essential oil blends specially designed to target breathing problems. When comparing different brands, it is important to evaluate the ingredients present as this is where the difference can be found. As mentioned earlier, some might have just a few ingredients while others might have a lot. Likewise, some brands have artificial additives, which may cause allergic reactions and other side effects.

With that in regard, we have compared the Majestic Pure Eucalyptus Oil with the Breathe Synergy Blend. This product has an oil content that is just obtained from eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has been known to help relieve respiratory problems for years, but it may not be as potent as the Breathe Synergy Blend. Obviously, the more the ingredients the more powerful the blend gets.

Nonetheless, if you want to save money and do not want to replace the oil soon, you can go for this product as it comes in a bottle that contains 118 milliliters of the oil. You just have to take note that this might only work for common colds, cough, and flu.


Aromatherapy has been around for centuries especially in oriental cultures. If you are about to try it or have been doing so for quite some time but do not know what essential oil to use, then, the Natural Riches Respiratory Essential Oil Blend will be a good choice. That is because it contains a lot of different essential oils that form a highly potent mixture that can help in relieving breathing problems quickly.

Whether you or your children have consistent allergies, asthma, bronchitis, common cold, flu, and cough, you can use this product without worries as it is made from tested and natural ingredients. In fact, you can even use it daily even when you do have trouble breathing, so it does not let germs settle in your respiratory canal.