Essential oils are much more than liquid in a bottle; they are healing in a bottle, especially for people who have the tendency to rely on homeopathic remedies in comparison to over-the-counter solutions. Plant Guru’s Breathe Essential Oil  is a great addition to your oil collection as it helps to alleviate any pain and discomfort in your respiratory tract as a result of contaminants.

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With its ability to be used in a few different ways, such as in combination with coconut oil as a rub or in your room diffuser, it’s surely a natural treatment that your respiratory tract will love. Moreover, it offers assistance with internal healing properties that over the counter remedies simply do not offer.


  • 100% essential oils
  • Useful for topical body application
  • 100% natural therapeutic grade ingredients
  • Helps the lungs to open and breathe
  • Combination of seven essential oils


  • Safe for both adults and children: Due to the fact that the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil is 100% natural and does not contain any synthetic or medicinal ingredients, it is safe for both adults and children. Though it is important that you first talk to your doctor about a topical application, especially if you have sensitive skin, you can also use it as a body rub instead of diffused in a nebulizer.
  • Works well in room diffusers: The Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil works very well as a body rub or as a body spray (when diluted with 5% water), it also works well in room diffusers. If you’re the type of person that wants to have a faint scent of essential oil instead of a heavy burdening smell in your home, this is surely the formula for you.
  • Offers a strikingly clean minty scent: As this essential oil does contain peppermint, it creates a clean minty scent that is essential for the holiday season or when your respiratory tract needs a little attention. It helps to travel through your airways and soothe your bronchial tract, nose, and lungs all at once.
  • Assists with having a better sleep: If there’s one thing people can agree on when it comes to dealing with respiratory illnesses it’s that it’s far too difficult to fall asleep at night when you can’t breathe. Even if you’re suffering from the flu or colds, you’ll find it harder to get the right amount of oxygen as you drift off. The Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil helps to loosen any congestion in your airways to help you achieve a more peaceful rest.


  • Difficult to combine with water: When it comes to essential oils it’s easy to understand that oil typically won’t immediately combine with the water, but this can also result in difficulties with achieving the right smell throughout your home. The more oil that sits on top, the less potent the scent will be which will limit the relief you feel from using the oil.
  • Requires an ample amount of product to produce a strong scent: Another huge issue you might experience with the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil is you will need a substantial amount of the product in order to get the right scent level. With traditional essential oils you may need two to three drops, but with this formula, you might need up to ten to get the same strength.


  • Useful for Topical Body Application: There are a few essential oils on the market that aren’t recommended for topical body application, but the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil is safe to use on your body as long as you dilute it with water or another substance. This can make it easier for you to achieve the soothing respiratory benefits while you’re on the go.
  • 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade Ingredients: Designed with your health in mind, this formula does not include any bases, fillers, or other synthetic components to boost its scent. With 100% natural therapeutic grade ingredients, you’ll appreciate the true breathing power you’ll achieve once you begin using the essential oil.
  • Helps the Lungs to Open and Breathe: Another interesting feature of the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil is it helps your lungs to open in an effort to acquire more oxygen, making it a great tool for people dealing with asthma and allergies. Instead of focusing primarily on your nasal tract, it makes its way into your chest to open all of your airways for optimal breathing power.
  • Combination of Seven Essential Oils: There are seven different essential ingredients used to create the pleasant scent derived from the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil including lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, lavender, lemon, and bay extracts.


With hundreds of different essential oils on the market, it can feel relatively impossible to find the perfect one for your needs, especially if it’s your first time buying any. When you compare the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil to other essential oils, you’ll quickly find that it’s a reliable blend that performs fairly well when put up against the competition.

  • Scent Power: If you were to compare the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil to other oil blends such as the Avo Sinus + Congestion Essential Oil, you’d find that its scent power is slightly lacking. Due to its inability to gently combine with the water in your diffuser or in a body spray, it forces the essential oil to produce a poor amount of smell that won’t be able to fill a room.
  • Natural Formula: In comparison to other essential oils that contain bases and other synthetic ingredients in an effort to boost its scent, the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil is 100% natural and doesn’t contain harmful elements. This makes it completely safe to use for both adults and children in a variety of ways, as long as the solution is diluted.
  • Average Dosage: Depending on your preferences, particularly in terms of smell, when using the Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil you might have to put more drops than you originally bargained for into any water or body butter. This will force you to go through the essential oil far faster than with other competing brands.


The Plant Guru Breathe Essential Oil  is a useful combination of natural ingredients that are designed to not only help to soothe your respiratory system but to help soothe your lungs as well. With its natural and organic formula, there’s no need to worry about fillers or harmful ingredients that could cause damage to your health.

Although it doesn’t outperform other essential oils on the market, it is a fairly useful tool to have in your collection for assisting with breathing and a peaceful night’s rest.