While it may not necessarily be proven scientifically, Himalayan salt is quite known to have countless health benefits. That is why several holistic healers recommend it. It has been used for years as the number one alternative to regular salt when cooking.

In the long run, Himalayan salt rock lamps have been manufactured so that people can further enjoy its benefits without the need of consuming it. Today, a new thing that is gaining a ton of popularity is the Himalayan salt inhaler because it is said to help individuals with respiratory illnesses.

Himalayan Salt Inhalers vs. Other Respiratory Illness Control Measures

People who have suffered from respiratory illnesses such as sinusitis, allergies, bronchitis, and hay fever can tell how difficult life is for them and how much discomfort the illness can cause them.

It is also a known reality that most of these keep coming back and do not have a permanent cure. There are only medicines to keep them in control. While the medications do help to a certain extent, it comes with a great cost, figuratively as well as literally.

Not only are these medications expensive, but they often tend to have an adverse reaction to the body in the long run. Nasal sprays used to relieve nasal congestion can often make your body immune to its content and eventually render useless over constant use.

We should also not forget that the chemicals used in these sprays are harmful when used in large doses. While it is incorrect to completely give up on medications, especially those that have been prescribed by your physicians, there are certain ways to help relieve your symptoms.

Holistic healers often recommend doing yoga as it majorly focuses on breathing. However, yoga classes are not cheap and very few people have the time to attend yoga classes or do in-home yoga. This is the reason why using salt inhalers have become so popular in recent times.

In fact, when using ancient Ayurveda in India, people often relied on salt inhaling therapies in order to cleanse the nose and the throat. With that in mind, we can say that the Himalayan salt inhaler is a perfect combination of ancient and modern techniques.

Today, the market is flooded with several salt inhalers, and we have found the need to review a popular product to help you make a wise buying decision.

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Simply Genius Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler Kit

The Simply Genius Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler has a very simple design and comes in color white. It is made out of a high-quality ceramic material and is manufactured in China.

This inhaler can help relieve chronic respiratory problems to a certain level and ease the level of distress quite considerably. While it is not proven, this inhaler can also possibly reduce inflammation or swelling in the nasal passages as well as help improve sleep.

In terms of this inhaler’s size weight, it measures five inches by 2.5 inches and weighs about 1.1 pounds without the salt in it. These size and weight make it easy to carry around with you since you can conveniently store it in your bag.

Another interesting feature of this inhaler is that it has a slightly carved fingerprint on the lower sides. This design will ensure that you have a good grip when you hold this inhaler and you can use just one hand once you do so.

The company ships the inhaler with two packets of three ounces pink salt crystals. One packet will easily last you anywhere between three to five years when you use this inhaler every day for about 15 or 20 minutes.

The pink salt crystal is 100% natural and was mined from Pakistan, which is known to have the best Himalayan rock salts. Along with the salt and the inhaler, you will also receive a step-by-step guide on how to use this inhaler.


  • Simple and neat design
  • Portable
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Non-invasive, natural, and drug-free alternative
  • Prolonged use of salt


  • Breakable


The Simply Genius Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler Kit is a product designed for people suffering from respiratory ailments and low-quality sleep. It is perfectly sized and has a beautiful design that is also very practical. The inhaler is durable but made of ceramic which can break if dropped.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer made sure that accidental drops and slips can be prevented by adding a craved fingerprint design wherein you can grip the product without hassles.

Additionally, you are assured that you have an adequate supply of natural Himalayan salt since the company would provide you the amount that you would need for years. Using this inhaler kit will also not be too difficult since it has an instructional manual that will give you the necessary information.

Comparison with another Himalayan Salt Inhaler

We know you must be wondering how we could possibly compare salt inhalers since they all have the same purpose and most of them are almost alike. However, there are a couple of small differences that make one salt inhaler a better choice over the other.

In this case, we compared the Simply Genius Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler to the Natural Solutions Salt Inhaler. Both of these products are made of ceramic materials and are available in white color. They also come with two packets of natural, pink Himalayan salt.

However, the Natural Solutions Salt Inhaler often times gets shipped without any salt, which is a bit of a hassle. In addition, this inhaler can be used by just one person and needs to be washed every after use. Worst of all, it does not have a fingerprint design that can prevent accidental slips and drops when handling it.


The Simply Genius Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a perfect choice for people who are looking for a drug-free solution to help relieve respiratory symptoms, stress, and sleep deprivation. While there is no guarantee that this product will work for you, this is a good value for money since with proper handling, it will last for years. It has also been constructed and designed with careful attention to detail. In addition, this can be used at home, in the office, and during your travels.