Asthma medications, especially inhaled steroids, can save the life of a person with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. They have been found to be the most effective treatment for controlling the disease in the long term. These medications are inhaled as they reduce mucus production and swelling in the airways.

Nonetheless, modern compressor systems can be an alternative to regular inhalers and are powered by electricity. These utilize compressed air and convert the liquid asthma medication into an aerosol or mist which is then inhaled via a mouthpiece or mask. These are mostly used by children and babies with asthma as they cannot use the regular inhalers, but they are also being used extensively by adult patients.

Even though it is essentially an electric device, it is not so difficult to use, and children who suffer from these conditions can benefit more by using compressor systems as compared with other inhalers as they inhale the full dose. However, these are relatively more expensive, so one has to make sure that they are getting their hands on the best product. Unfortunately, there are many choices online which can confuse you.

Thus, in this article, we have reviewed a popular option for you to determine how it works and if it will be a great buy.

Strong Health Compressor System

The Strong Health Diffuser Compressor System has been certified by FDA and ETL so you can rest assured that the product is safe and effective. Operating it is quite simple as all it requires is to be plugged in, and the diffusion process can begin with a press of a button.


This product comes with all necessary accessories including three replaceable jet caps so that it will be handy in case there is more than one family member who needs to use it. A facial mask for adults and another for children are also included together with an air tube, angled mouthpiece, and five filters. All these accessories are said to be made using high-quality materials and are made to last for many uses. Likewise, you can quickly wash them after every use, which is necessary for hygienic purposes.

This compressor system requires 110 Volts power and weighs a little less than three pounds. This is also equipped with a thermal detector; thus, if the motor heats up, the device will shut off by itself. It is designed to produce particles that have a size ranging from 0.5 to five micrometer as well as a liter flow from six to 10 LPM. The container where you will place the medication can accommodate a maximum of six milliliters.

Using this product for the first time will not be much of a hassle since it comes with a user manual. Also, Strong Health is offering 60 days money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty for the machine.


  • Simple, quick, and safe to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Very refined aerosol for easy inhaling
  • Perfect for both children and adults
  • Masks are washable
  • FDL- and ETL-certified
  • High capacity


  • Accessories do not come with the warranty
  • Masks and tubes have to be replaced after some time or when prescription changes


Compressor systems are more functional especially for children as compared with handheld inhalers that you have to press and breathe into. That can be difficult for kids, and some just do not respond well and miss out on timely and proper medication for asthma. Fortunately, these systems have diffusers inside that turn medicine into very fine mist (aerosol), and all you have to do is wear the mask and inhale.

The compressor system from Strong Health is a lightweight, straightforward, safe and reliable machine for inhaling asthma medication. It can take up a large volume of the liquid medicine and turn it into an aerosol in a matter of seconds. The size of the particle produced in the aerosol is also small enough making it possible for the user to inhale all the medications maximally. Your children can also use this even when they are asleep as the system is not too noisy Likewise, overheating will also not be something to worry about.

The company also thought about practically and hygiene that is why there are multiple masks and filters included. As such, there is no cross-infection between different users. To add more, since masks should be used only once, the company made sure that these are washable to refrain you from buying a new one each time. Just make sure to wash it every after use as well as change it after a long time or when a new prescription is given.

 Comparison with Another Compressor

Now that you know the advantages of compressor systems in general over other types of inhalers, it is time to compare the product in question with its competitors. Overall, Strong Health enjoys better recognition and approval compared to other similar products because of simple functionality and affordable price.

The primary function of any compressor is to convert the medication from liquid form to vapors for inhalation. There is not much difference there in this process between different models or brands. Therefore, it comes down to secondary things that could make a difference.

With that in mind, another compressor system, the Portable Cool Mist is essentially the same as Strong Health Compressor. However, it is a bit heavier since it weighs more than four pounds. It contains similar accessories and has almost same parameters of operation like 110 Volts power supply and compressor pressure range of 30-36 psi. Unfortunately, the medication capacity is slightly less by just one ml. Nevertheless, there is no significant price difference between these two compressor systems.


The Strong Health Compressor System is a suitable product for both kids and adults with asthma. Although pricier than regular handheld inhalers, the ease and efficacy makeup for the slightly higher price. Although you need to purchase new masks and tubes, this is only required after prolonged used and when your medication needs to be changed. Since this product has certifications from reputable bodies, safety is not a question.

However, it does require electric supply to operate which makes it difficult to use while traveling but at home, you can get a timely supply of your medications and get firm control of your asthma even during bedtime.