Do you have a cough that just won’t go away? If your answer is yes, then you might have bronchitis, as one of its symptoms is persistent coughing along with excess mucus. What does bronchitis look like?

If you recently had a cold or if you are a smoker, you have a huge chance of getting this. Bronchitis can sometimes be mistaken as pneumonia or asthma because their symptoms are very similar. To differentiate, pneumonia is when the air sacs become inflamed and get filled with fluid while asthma is chronic coughing with difficulty in breathing and can last for years or even a lifetime.

It is going to be explained in detail below.

What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways of the lungs or bronchial tubes causing a restriction in breathing and coughing. It is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, and it often lasts for about six weeks when acute, or recurring several times in two years if it is chronic. People who are at a high risk of acquiring this are smokers, individuals with current respiratory illnesses, like asthma, and those who are highly exposed to airborne pollutants.

What Does Bronchitis Look Like?

Acute bronchitis often starts from an upper respiratory tract infection. It is mainly caused by a viral infection; otherwise, it is brought about by bacteria. While profuse coughing and its other symptoms can be bothersome, healthy people usually recover from it after a few weeks.

Chronic bronchitis, on the other hand, is a recurring inflammation of the airways which frequently lasts for about three months, for two years. It is oftentimes the cause of a lung damage from other medical disorders or smoking; moreover, smokers are advised to immediately quit to avoid the condition from escalating to something much worse.


Aside from the most prevalent, coughing with phlegm, shortness of breath is also a symptom; moreover, wheezing, fever, nasal congestion, and fatigue are other signs you might have bronchitis. These symptoms may manifest differently in children and adults. So, what does bronchitis look like in them? While it starts with a dry cough and eventually brings up some mucus for both children and adults, bronchitis may also cause kids, particularly infants, to vomit because they don’t know how to spit out phlegm yet.


90% and 10% of bronchitis cases are caused by viral and bacterial infections. Furthermore, the virus that causes bronchitis is the same virus that leads to flu and colds. Secondhand smoking, pollution, and exposure to dust and chemical fumes are other risk factors of bronchitis. Lastly, a weak immune system, most especially for older adults, younger children, and infants, puts you at a greater chance of developing this.

You may be asking, “is it contagious?” yes it is, if the bronchitis is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Thus, it is important to take precautionary measures so you won’t get it, especially when someone has bronchitis within your family. On the other hand, if the bronchitis was brought about by bacteria, then it is not infectious.


Over-the-counter medication usually does not work and can be harmful to young children and antibiotics are only used when the bronchitis is caused by a bacterial infection; therefore, most doctors prescribe steroids, expectorant cough medicines, and yearly flu vaccines.

But if you are on the natural route, drinking plenty of water and getting enough rest are some of the things you can do. You can also check out “The 24-Hour Prescription Free Bronchitis Cure” by Richard Jones if you are looking for a more extensive and permanent solution to bronchitis.

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Although bronchitis is most of the time treatable, getting sick of it can be troublesome and like what they always say, “prevention is better than cure,” so here are some tips to avoid catching it.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Take vitamins to strengthen your immune system
  • Do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoking
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet
  • Drink lots of water
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Protect yourself from environmental pollutants
  • Get a yearly flu vaccine
  • Stay away from people who have bronchitis

When to Call a Doctor

There are times when patients do not need to go to a doctor to get treated for bronchitis; however, you need to seek medical help if you are already experiencing the following.

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Chest pains
  • High fever
  • Wheezing
  • Throat swelling
  • Symptoms are getting worse or you have been sick for over two weeks


Bronchitis is a very common disease among children and adults that is easy to prevent; therefore it is vital to keep a healthy body. As mentioned above, 90% of bronchitis cases are viral which is why our immune system is our first line of defense against it. You might think that bronchitis is very treatable, yes it is, but its symptoms, especially the persistent coughing, are not appealing to experience.

To answer the question, “What does bronchitis look like?” Well, it is not pretty.

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