Rhinovirus, influenza A and B, parainfluenza, and adenovirus are the most common viruses that cause 85% to 95% of acute bronchitis cases in healthy adults. Acute bronchitis ranks number five as one of the most common reasons why adults consult a medical professional, so it is most likely that you’ve had this or you will have this several times in your lifetime. The preceding statistics gave us an idea of what is viral bronchitis, and it will be discussed further below.

What is Viral Bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is the swelling or inflammation of the bronchial tubes which is generally caused by a virus or bacteria; additionally, it can also be brought about by smoke, pollution, and other environmental irritants but those are very rare cases.

As mentioned above, a huge percentage of bronchitis is caused by the virus that also causes colds and the flu; furthermore, it starts with a common cold or influenza, then progresses to cough with small amounts of mucus.


The primary symptom of bacterial or viral bronchitis is a hacking and dry cough and after a few days mucus may also appear; moreover, you can experience fatigue and low fever.

Airway hyperreactivity or shortness of breath and wheezing are also other symptoms. In addition to these symptoms, a patient may also have a sore throat, headache, nasal congestion, muscle aches and chest discomfort.

Remember that the symptoms of acute bronchitis may be similar to that of other respiratory diseases so if after getting some rest or taking prescription medication and your symptoms still have not improved, your doctor may have to do additional steps to diagnose it further. These tests include sputum cytology, chest x-rays, influenza test and throat cultures.


Viral bronchitis does not need to be treated with antibiotics because after all, it goes away after a few weeks. However, relief from symptoms is necessary, especially with children, to speed up recovery.

Commonly, adult patients take over-the-counter cold and cough medication, on the other hand, children under two years old should not be given non-prescription drugs because these may be harmful to them; therefore, when treating children, it is best to get professional help.

Although taking over-the-counter drugs is the quickest route to cure acute bronchitis, some people still prefer to go natural, like getting a lot of rest and drinking plenty of water. Additionally, breathing humidified air can help you cough out phlegm easier and avoiding smoke, and other air pollutants prevent your airways from getting irritated.

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“What is viral bronchitis complication?” you might ask.

Complications from bacterial or viral bronchitis are very rare; however, they do happen and can lead to serious diseases. We want to stress the importance of getting treated when your symptoms haven’t improved within a few weeks because the following may happen.

Chronic Bronchitis

  • As the term chronic implies, it is the repeated inflammation of the bronchial tubes that last for at least three months, for two years. Chronic bronchitis when not treated can worsen and become permanent over time.


  • Pneumonia is when the air sacs of the lungs become inflamed due to infection from virus, bacteria or fungi. The air sacs can become filled with pus, fluid or phlegm which causes coughing, fever, and difficulty in breathing.


  • COPD, also known as, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is caused by the damage of the lungs, most commonly, because of smoking; furthermore, this damage is irreversible. This condition is usually a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.


  • Emphysema is when the air sacs in the lungs get permanently impaired causing it to lose their stretch. Patients suffering from this oftentimes experience shortness of breath.


Viral bronchitis is highly treatable, and if you have a solid immune system, you don’t need to take any medication. On the other hand, if you are not healthy, it is essential to take extra care of yourself; this could also be time to start thinking about getting healthy. Although viral bronchitis is caused by viruses that are very common and easy to fight, there is still a chance that it might lead to complications like the ones mentioned above.

Bigger things start small, including these lung diseases so even though they rarely happen, it’s still scary to think that one of the organs needed to live can be irreversibly damaged. Moreover, all of these complications share a common characteristic which is shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

Both are not pleasant to experience so if you have experienced these in the past, you know what we’re talking about. Finally, the lungs are important parts of the body, therefore, let us take care of it so we can live longer and disease-free lives.

Hey! Bronchitis and its complication are not something to be kept close to yourself for a long term. All the medicines and treatments are useful but the point you are missing is with the diminishing symptoms and distress of illness your vital immunity is also getting drained.

Phew! You don’t have to go through this on a regular occasion. Get the e-book by Richard Jonesall it takes is healthy lifestyle practice and eating for robust lung immunity. Take action today; It’s your call.